Thursday, February 03, 2005

Millionth Visitor to the CPRR Museum

Just moments ago, the Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum website received its millionth visitor!

We expected that the website in memory of great-great-grandfather Lewis Metzler Clement illustrated by period photographs would be a fairly obscure topic, but have been amazed and delighted that our on-line museum has become such a popular source of information about the Pacific Railroad.

It has been most gratifying to have so many people contribute to this growing effort. Thanks for all your help and generous contributions over the past six years!

P.S. ... If you have additional 19th century material or photographs relating to the transcontinental railroad that you would like to see on the web, we would be delighted to be able to include your contribution – please consider this an open invitation. (Just as incredible as the number of visitors is the technological advancement over the past six years in the speed and capacity of the Internet. Even as the CPRR Museum's content has grown to a gigabyte of historic images, articles, etc. available at, utilization is now at only 2% of the even faster growing storage capacity, so there is essentially unlimited room to add additional historic content!)


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Congratulations!!!!!!! gjg

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