Sunday, March 06, 2005

New Book of UPRR Letters


We have just finished editing the first volume (600 plus pages) of letters of an Omaha man covering the years 1866-1868. Volume 2 1869-1871 should be out by the end of the year. A lot of interesting stuff on the Union Pacific side, good but not necessarily flattering comments about Dodge, Durant and the viewed corruption by the builders of the roads. Lots of good discussion about the bridge at Omaha, shops construction, that sort of thing.

Barry Combs former PR director of UP and author of Westward to Promontory is on the team. We found it fascinating just preparing it.

... You can order it from The Bookworm in Omaha. 402-392-2877. ...

I think you might enjoy it.


Their Man in Omaha, The Barker Letters, Volume 1, 1860-1868. Editors Don Snoddy, Barry Combs, Bob Marks, Del Weber. Published by the Douglas County Historical Society. ISBN 1-930644-07-8.

"This 700-page volume consists of a series of letters and correspondence between immigrant Joseph Barker and his family in England during the 1860s. Compiled and edited by Dr. Del Weber, Barry Combs and Don Snoddy, Their Man in Omaha is available for the pre-publication price of $39.95 plus tax for [Douglas County] Historical Society members. Regular price is $49.95."

Excerpt available.