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Re: loco

I'm sure the CSRM library has a copy of the classic view of the locomotive after its last rebuilding (1870?). You would need to contact the library directly.

... [A photo of the locomotive Pioneer] is on the San Francisco Public Library site. The description mentions the identification of X-116 on the back of the photos. A quick check of the Southern Pacific X-file listing shows the San Francisco photo came from the Southern Pacific - now held by the Union Pacific in Omaha or Council Bluffs. copies of the photo should also be available from there (if this one wasn't one of the ones pilfered before the collection left San Francisco). ... You can use it to identify the image you want.

As I recall, there was also a drawing of the locomotive done about 1857 or so (I think). I believe it was one of the margin drawings included with one of the bird's eye views of Sacramento. In the 1850s and early '60s on the Sac Valley it went by the name of C. K. Garrison - Pioneer was a later name after the railroad came under the control of the Central Pacific owners.

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It wasn't snatched. There are several views of the elephant in the SP X files. Bill Kratville is still at the UP museum in Council Bluffs and should be able to locate it for you.

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