Monday, November 14, 2005

David Lemon Interview

The interview of David Lemon, the fireman of the UP locomotive at the golden spike ceremony at Promontory Summit, Utah on May 10, 1869 is now available online at the CPRR Museum, courtesy of Bob Spude, Historian, Cultural Resources Management, National Park Service.

"David Lemon – Old Timer: Fired Engine at Golden Spike Driving May 10, 1869." Union Pacific Magazine, May 1924, pages 5-6.

The Lemon iron spike:
"When the gold spike had been removed and replaced by an ordinary iron spike, I remarked to Superintendent Hoxie that some one would pull that spike, and that I'd like to have it. After some hesitation the superintendent said: 'You saved my life once, and also that of Engineer Oman Stimpson here. Let's go and get that spike for you.' "