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My Great Grandfather Joseph Stahr (or Stoehr) worked for the Central Pacific

From: johns@olypen.com

Here is some info in my Great Grandfather. His name is Joseph Stahr or Stoehr. He was born 20 Nov 1849 in Roschbach, Pfaiz, Bvr Germany. His Parents were John and Anna Maria Baron Both from Germany and both died in Buffalo, N.Y. Joseph's wife was Annie Gibbons. The Los Angeles Associated Press said Joeph was a Construction Foreman for the Central Pacific who directed the driving of the spike. He came to California around the horn in 1868.

The Ogden Associated Press said Joseph Stahr veteran Central Pacific foreman whose death is announced from Los Angeles was struck Sunday by an Automobile in Los Angeles died Tuesday afternoon. burial place in Ogden, Utah July 21 1926.

—Pam Schneider


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From: "IRENE HASTINGS" heberhast@msn.com

I am looking for any information regarding Joseph Stahr (Stoehr) who was a construction foreman on CPRR when the Golden Spike was driven at Promontory Point, Utah. ...


5/24/2009 5:16 PM  
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From: "IRENE HASTINGS" heberhast@msn.com

... I was happy to hear from another great-grandaughter of Joseph Stahr. He is my grandmother's, Ida Maud Stahr Brown, father and we have some interesting stories about him. She married George E. Brown. Do you have any further information regarding the Stahr line? I know his father was named John (Von), from Germany, but that is the extent of it. I'd love to exchange information ...


5/25/2009 9:36 AM  
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From: johns@olypen.com

Joseph F. Stahr
Annie Stahr > Children to Joseph Stahr & Annie Gibbons
IdMaude Stahr

Joseph F. was my Grandfather my Mother Father
I have Dates on these People and their Children

John Stahr was born 1823 Roschback Germany died- 1878 Buffalo, Erie, New York
Wife-Anna mariea Baron Born 1823- Roschback Germay Died 1895 Buffalo Erie, New York,


5/26/2009 1:17 AM  
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From: "IRENE HASTINGS" heberhast@msn.com

... I think the information on the Stoehr line ends with John Stoehr. I don't have the children of Francis F. Stoehr, however. Is there any information that you would like regarding Ida Maud's family? She was raised by a Dudman family, but they never legally adopted her, so she was legally a Stoehr. ...


5/26/2009 10:08 PM  
Anonymous catmac@juno.com said...

I understand my Gr Gr Grandfather Joseph Stoehr was primarily a railway carpenter and car builder, but as most, was called to do any kind of labor. According to a newspaper article, in January 1890 he was helping clear the snow from the train tracks at the "Central Pacific blockade" when he had to return home due to a very swollen leg. They had to clear the snow for the passage of the through western trains. He sustained a head injury while working in the car shop in about 1914, but apparently kept working. You might know that his son, Joseph F. was a locomotive fireman and conductor. In 1912 while he was at work, a locomotive-caused fire in Helper killed two of his children. That was the hard life of such work back then!
If you have some information about Ida Maud Stahr's children to share I would really like to see it! If I have anything of worth to share I am happy to do so.
Wish the railways could publish a list of railworkers with positions and dates of employ.
-Catherine Stahr McBride

10/16/2011 2:11 AM  
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My maternal grandmother is Ida Maud Stahr (Stoehr). My great-grandfather is Joseph Stahr. My information about him, according to family history and a newspaper clipping is somewhat different from your account. I have a life history which he wrote previous to death, but it also does not seem entirely factual. ...

—Irene Hastings

10/16/2011 5:02 PM  
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It was great to hear from another branch of the Stahr (Stoehr) family. I do have information on Joseph Stoehr, born 20 Nov., 1849, Roschbach, Pfaltz, Bavaria and died 20 July, 1926, Lost Angeles, CA. (He was hit by an automobile.) His wife, Annie Gibbons: born 13 May, 1850 Bath, Somerset England, died 13 March 1881 Ogden, Weber Co., Utah. She is my great-grandmother. She had 3 children: Annie Marie, b. 22 May 1877; Joseph Francis, b. 29 March 1879 and Ida Maud Stahr Brown (Dudman was her foster family). She is my grandmother. She had 9 children, one of whom is my mother, Afton Brown De Haan, b. July 24, 1904. (She passed away on Mother’s Day, May 8, 2011 at the age of 106 and 10 months.) I have complete histories of the Gibbons, Stahr, and Brown families. You may have the Stahr line history. They do not always agree. First, it was written that Joseph Stahr (JS) was an engineer on the CPRR train at the driving of the Golden Spike. Then it was written that he was a foreman on the engine that joined the UP. We have a newspaper article that states this (could be wrong, however). Then you have another version, so it would be great to know which one is correct. I went to the Golden Spike on their anniversary and checked with all the written info. I could find, and also talked to a historian and he didn’t know of J.S. My g-grandmother, Annie Gibbons, died after the birth of my grandmother, Ida Maud. We also heard she died of a broken heart because she was treated so badly by J.S. She has an interesting history. I’m a teacher and a writer and I have written a non-fiction story about Annie Gibbons, called, "Annie of Bath," which I would be happy to share with you.

Also, I wrote to the same place you have written, CPRR, and one of Jos. Stahr’s g-granddaughters responded to my email. Her name is Pam Schneider, at johns@olypen.com. You could contact her. She and others in her family have an incredible amount of information, pictures, documents, etc. that she may share with you. I’m so thrilled to find more strands of the family lines after years and years of searching. Please let me know if you’d like me to send what information on the Stahr line that I have, particularly that of my grandmother, Ida Maud Stahr Brown. ...

—Irene De Haan Hastings

10/16/2011 5:06 PM  
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From: johns@olypen.com

My name is Pamela, Joseph Stahr (Stoehr) was my great-grandfather.

My mother's father was Joseph F. Stahr son to Joseph Stahr (Stoehr). Would like to know what January, 1890 newspaper the ad was in? The two children that died in the fire were my mother's sister and brother. Would like to know more about your parents, grandparents. ...

10/17/2011 1:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

From: johns@olypen.com
Subject: transcript

My Great Grandfather worked for the R.R. I understand you have a transcript with his name( Joesph Stahr) in it from the (The Standard Ogdon,[sic] Utah Paper) I believe it in that paper. The date would of 25th January 1890 about Joseph Stahr.

Would like very much to read this transcript ... Would like to know if you have any other information that concerens Joseph Stahr with the R.R. and Pictures, stories? ...

—Pamela Schneider

3/27/2012 11:34 AM  
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You might want to check The Library of Congress > National Digital Newspaper Program > Chronicling America

3/27/2012 11:42 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Hello I'm interested in your research as my fathers family was also from Germany and his name was Joseph harvey stoehr and his father was also Joseph stoehr married to PetraNella I'm just curious if there are any ties ? Sounds so close .

2/19/2015 8:35 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Hi Catherine,
We are descendants of Joseph Stahr. Who is your grandpa and father? We are trying to figure out if you address from our line. We are from Joseph F. Stahr's daughter Louise.

Nicole Olsen

1/09/2020 5:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

From: "Catmac"

Hi Nicole! My Grandfather is Howard Wickel Stahr. My father is one of his sons, Howard Gordon Stahr. So Louise was Howard Wickel's sister, and so she was my grand aunt. When she was alive, she visited Oregon with her sister Margaret once in a while, back a few years ago of course. I have two brothers and two sisters, and my parents and we are all still alive, here mostly in Oregon. I have a Stahr/Stoehr tree on Ancestry, my account is catmac119. I also have a new email address so please reply only to my new one: honumac@gmail.com.

Which of Louise's children do you descend from?


1/10/2020 3:08 PM  
Blogger Linda Stahr said...

Hi, Cathy -

My father in law is a cousin of yours! His father was Eugene Vernal Stahr, Howard Wickel Stahr's brother! I'm trying to do some family history as well, on the Stahr line. (My daughter, Margaret, is named after Aunt Margaret, and my daughter Caroline is named after Aunt Louise - Caroline Louise)

I would love any and all information you would be willing to share with me! If you're still in Oregon, Andrew (my husband) and I live in Salem. Andrew's parents are Steven and Andrea Stahr - they live in Beaverton.

I would love to get in touch with you - I'll send you a message at the above email address as well.

Linda Stahr

11/17/2020 11:02 PM  
Blogger Pam said...

Hello,Linda & Cathy:My name is Pamela Schneider, a granddaughter of Joseph Stars, his son Joseph Francis Star, which is my Mothers father, I have been working on the stahr tree on ancestry..., lets chat
My email...johns@olypen.com

11/18/2020 3:53 PM  
Blogger Pam said...

Hello Cathy, My Mother Norma and your father were siblings, you are my first cousin, my email is..johns@olypen.com
I live in Port Townsend, Washington.
Lets chat...from Pamela

11/18/2020 4:00 PM  
Blogger Linda Stahr said...

Pam -
I sent you a message via facebook, as well as through email! I hope we can chat soon!

11/18/2020 8:18 PM  

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