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Oregon Short Line, Idaho, 1877

From: "Kathy Lin Eggleston" stareggleston@yahoo.com

My Grandparents took a train in Idaho when they returned from Oregon to Wisconsin in 1877. I would like to find a map that I can see of the Oregon Short Line and information on where they would have boarded. Thanks

P.S. I am a UPRR man's daughter!!! and have enjoyed all the work and info!


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See maps:
map 1
map 2

But, note the dates of operation and see the previous discussion.

Here is a searchable 1880 railroad guide.

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From: "Kathy Lin Eggleston" stareggleston@yahoo.com

I grew up knowing that railroad people were the best kind of people – Thanks – Just what I needed. I am also going to use your site as part of our home school study this year. Couldn't ask for better!!!

11/07/2006 11:10 PM  
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From: "Don Snoddy" ddsnoddy@cox.net

The Oregon Short Line was not completed to Huntington Oregon until 1884. I don't believe it was sufficiently finished in 1877 to be of any service to your grandparents. The line went from Huntington Oregon, through Nampa, Shoshone, Pocatello, Montpelier, etc. and into Wyoming. To the best of my knowledge the OSL was not completed from one end to the other but in pieces until it met the Oregon Railroad & Navigation Company line coming east from Portland at Huntington in September 1884. The only other way out of Oregon north would have been the Northern Pacific and I don't know off the top of my head if it was done as far as Montana in 1877.


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From: "Kathy Lin Eggleston" stareggleston@yahoo.com

The map you referred me to from Henry T. Williams made in 1877 shows a line from Ogden up to Franklin, Idaho. That would fit with the information I have as they ran into Indian trouble in the area and with my grandparents (in their 60's and their daughter with a new born child the two families decided to sell their wagons and take the train rather than go on alone. I do not think the line was there on their trip to Wolf Creek in the North Powder, Oregon area in 1875. Grandma Mary Ann Simonis could not handle "the snow that stayed always on the mountains" so they left my other grandparents and went back to Wisconsin. Do you know anything about the Franklin line?

Thanks Bunches,

—Kathy Lin

11/08/2006 8:15 AM  
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From: KyleWyatt@aol.com

The line to Franklin in 1877 would be the Utah Northern, a narrow gauge line then under construction. Franklin was the terminal from 1874 until 1878. In 1878 the line was reorganized after a bankruptcy as the Utah & Northern, and was a Union Pacific subsidiary. See Don Strack's web page.


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Blogger Tony said...

How would one find out about recently abandoned Oregon Shortlines and who would I talk to about purchasing equipment for said line?

12/16/2013 2:12 PM  
Blogger Tony said...

How would I find out about recently abandoned shortlines and who would I talk to about purchasing?

12/16/2013 2:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

See abandoned Oregon Shortline railroad.

12/16/2013 4:02 PM  

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