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Iowa Pacific Railroad Company, 1874 bond

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I have a bond for The Iowa Pacific Railroad Company in the amount of 200 pounds, issued in 1874 by a London England firm. My question is what is or was the railroad. Where can I find more info on the railroad. I am a 5th grade teacher and it would be interesting to discuss this with my students. The bond was found in my deceased friend's house. Any info will be greatly appreciated.



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THE SAC SUN, Vol. VI, No. 4, AUGUST 4, 1876:

"IOWA PACIFIC. — The Dubuque Herald states that Sam'l J. Besweck, from London, the representative of the English Stockholders of the Iowa Pacific Railroad, has been over the line from Dubuque to Fort Dodge, that a meeting of the Directors has been held, and the road is to be completed in one year."

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Butler County, Iowa
From the A.T. Andreas Illustrated Historical Atlas of the State of Iowa, 1875.

"The Iowa Pacific Railroad, a new road now partly completed, passes through the county from east to West, about midway between the northern and southern boundaries. It intersects the Burlington, Cedar Rapids and Minnesota Railroad at Clarksville. In aid likewise of the construction of this road liberal donations of money have been made by the more immediately interested citizens of the county."

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J. K. Graves
From the A.T. Andreas Illustrated Historical Atlas of the State of Iowa, 1875.

"Honorable J. K. GRAVES, of Dubuque, ... born in Keene, N.H., September 29, 1837, [is] president of the Iowa Pacific Railroad company whose line extends from the above junction westerly via Fort Dodge to Onawa, on the Missouri River, now mostly grated and partly ironed."

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