Tuesday, November 20, 2007

"Central Pacific’s unlucky Tunnel 13"

"Central Pacific’s unlucky Tunnel 13: In an era where brakemen rode on top of the cars, this tunnel was a special hazard" by Gordon Richards, © Sierra Sun, November 20, 2007. (News Article)

" ... Accidents were very common along the dangerous stretch of railroad from Verdi at the base of the Truckee River Canyon over Sierra to Emigrant Gap on the west, but Tunnel 13 had more than its share of wrecks, accidents and deaths. Unlucky 13 was a difficult tunnel to construct through glacial debris and volcanic rock, including cave-ins that injured several Chinese laborers. As it was being completed in 1868, the superstition began to spread. The first notable accident occurred in June of 1869 when an engine ran into a handcar in the tunnel. The section men heard the engine just in time and all but one jumped to safety. One man was gravely injured. ... " [More]

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