Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Stack by Graves of CPRR


Attached is the patent #95,794 for a stack by Isaac H. Graves, the Central Pacific Superintendent of Motive Power before AJ Stevens. Sure looks like a Central Pacific stack of the period.



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From: Wendell Huffman

I am not surprised that the CP had someone who developed a patentable stack design as they had lots of experience with stacks. Most of the locomotives they imported in 1867-69 came without stacks, and they built their own locally. I recall a comment in one of the letters to Huntington (probably from E.B. Crocker or Hopkins) that the factory-supplied stacks were not suited for the local fuel. My recollection is the company was saving a whopping $75 per locomotive by getting them without stacks (though that varied some from builder to builder).


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Congratulations on finding this. Do you know if this drawing of the stack from the patent records is the one actually used to design stacks for locomotives like the Jupiter. You know, that old problem of design vs. field implementation.


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