Friday, June 12, 2009

California Iron/Wooden Artifact and Info on Stone Ovens

From: "GATES, William R, VBABOIS"

Request for information/assistance on Wooden Artifact from Union Pacific Railroad Line, located near Las Vegas Nevada. I saw some information on one of the related links to your Iron Site information. I read some information in reference to "Fence Line Wooden Line Posts (RR Boundary, or Survey markers)".

I have a wooden post which is square approximately 1 1/2 inches on all sides, approximately 14 to 18 inches long, with the word "UNION" all in caps on one side, the letters have been scoured deep into the wood, the other half "PACIFIC" is missing assuming that Pacific was there?? There are small holes in the top and bottom which secures a wire. I was intrigued by the notion or possibility that these may be original Redwood items from the turn of the century i.e. survey markers, or some sort of boundry marker. I did find it along a old UP Railroad siding. Have you or anybody else ever seen something like this?? I can try to get you a few pictures, it is quite interesting.

I am also quite interested in early railroad history, I have walked miles of UP right of way in southern Nevada, found some of the old construction camps and the like.

Also as a matter of interest to you and other members of the CPRR.ORG group, on the subject of the Stone Ovens previously thought to be a RR Worker's Hut. I got a copy of Patricia Weggers document about this subject. I have found 3 to 4 locations in Nevada, near Las Vegas, all pretty much, intact. I can try to get you a photo of the best one I found, for you or any interested readers. Hope to talk with you soon, tell me what you think about the "Union" embossed wooden stake??

—William R. Gates, Nampa, Idaho