Friday, June 12, 2009

SF Newsletter Golden Spike to Dodge


Attached is an article from the Sacramento Bee in May 1869. It may be from the 10th, or perhaps a day or two after. (I received the photocopy from a source who copied Bee articles from May 5, 8, 10, 11, and 12 - but unfortunately didn't mark this particular one.) This is the first contemporary article I know of that claims that dodge received the 2nd (SF Newsletter) golden spike, and not Durant as I had supposed (but also had no evidence of).

I'm also looking for more complete copy of the May 10 Bee article about the festivities in Sacramento and the speech of Charles Crocker. Attached is what I have. I attach a May 8 article describing the celebration and parade, including loco Gov Stanford in front of the depot. Finally, a May 5 article describing the plans for the parade (unfortunately with the middle section missing).

—Kyle Wyatt

Sac Bee May 10, 1869 perhaps - Promontory Ceremonies concluded, Dodge gets golden spike
Sac Bee May 10, 1869 - Sacramento Celebration May 8
Sac Bee May 8, 1869 - Sacramento Pacific RR Celebration - loco Gov Stanford
Sac Bee May 5, 1869 - Sacramento Celebration Program - partial