Friday, June 19, 2009

"Train needs makeover before next Hollywood close-up" - The Sierra Railway No. 3 motion picture locomotive

"Train needs makeover before next Hollywood close-up" by DIXIE REID, © NEWSPAPER, January 25, 2007. (News Article)

" ... at Railtown 1897 State Historic Park, the far-flung Tuolumne County outpost of Sacramento's California State Railroad Museum. ... In better times, Sierra Railway No. 3 was a star. Her first onscreen appearance was in a 1919 silent-movie serial called The Red Glove. Her first feature-film role was alongside Gary Cooper in The Virginian (1929), the first 'talkie' shot on location. In the 1950s and '60s, the locomotive appeared in a slew of Westerns, from the classic High Noon (again starring Cooper) to TV's Bonanza and Death Valley Days. Also among her 72 movie and TV credits are Gunsmoke, Petticoat Junction, Bound for Glory and Back to the Future III. ... She needs major work ..." [More]

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

From: "Steve Donaldson"
Re: Virginia & Truckee Railroad #22 - CPRR-UPRR Train

V&T 22 owned by RKO/Paramount was kept for many years in UP East Yard in Los Angeles, refurbished in the RR shops there intermittently sometimes mechanically but mostly cosmetically for movie making, upon request from studio, often in garish unauthentic livery. On my frequent visits to the yards during my teenage years So.Cal. I saw the loco in various states of storage and shopping and once even fired up.

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