Monday, March 22, 2010

Argenta Station and Argenta House Photographs

From: "Barry Swackhamer"

There are two pictures of Argenta Station and Argenta House on page 230 of High Road to Promontory by George Kraus. I do not recall having seen them published anywhere else. I do not believe A. A. Hart took either photograph, at least I have not seen any reference to them as being part of his work. The question is, if Hart did not take the photographs, who did?, and when?

I think the original photographs were CDVs. The height to width ratio appears to be correct and a note written on the back of a copy photograph at the Union Pacific Museum says it is an “enlargement from a small photograph” supplied to them in 1930.

The pictures in High Road to Promontory most likely came from the Southern Pacific collection, now at the Union Pacific Musuem. However, the UP Museum does not have the original photographs. Does anyone have an original photograph, or know of anyone who has one? Perhaps they could look for an imprint on the back.

Any information appreciated.

—Barry Swackhamer