Monday, March 29, 2010

Cram's atlas - 1869 map

From: "Lachlan McIntosh"

From what I've seen on your website you are extremely knowledgeable about early Cram's maps. I am trying to gain some perspective on three Cram's items in my possession so I wonder if I can prevail upon you for any enlightenment. You mention the rare Cram's 1887 Standard Railway Atlas. I have both the 1897 Standard American Railway Atlas of the World and the 1910 Standard American Railway Atlas. I have only ever found reference to one other copy of the 1910 atlas and no copies of the 1897 atlas. How uncommon are they?

Also, I have an 1869 New Railroad and Township Map of Missouri and Kansas (Pocket Map) which would have to be one of the very first maps Cram ever produced. Is there a reference source that lists the first pocket map Cram produced?

Lachlan McIntosh
Nuvomad Antique Books & Maps
Akron, Ohio