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How did rail passenger reach San Francisco in 1908?

From: "Jeanne Crawford"

... My grandmother took the train from Oregon down to San Francisco in 1908. Then she took a train from San Francisco on south to Pasadena. I am curious how she got into San Francisco. I tried to do some research myself but am unsure. Did she go into Sacramento and the whole train went on a ferry to San Francisco? Or did she get to Oakland and have to switch to a passenger ferry? Or did her train from Oregon go down to San Jose and then up the penninsula to San Francisco?

... I have the letter my grandmother wrote from San Francisco in September 1908 but she doesn't explain how she got into the City via train/ferry/???



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In 1908 I would have expected your grandmother to have taken a Southern Pacific train from Oregon (Portland? or somewhere down the Willamette Valley?) to the Oakland Mole via Sacramento, and then a train ferry between Benicia and Port Costa (the whole train riding the ferry between those two places, then continuing on as a train). From the Oakland Mole she would have taken a passenger ferry to San Francisco. From San Francisco she might have taken a train down the coast to Pasadena (more likely, I think), or she might have taken the ferry back to the Oakland Mole and then caught a train via the San Joaquin Valley and Tehachapi Pass to the Los Angeles area.

—Kyle Wyatt

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