Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Visiting Historical CPRR sites

From: "Karl Moellmer" karlmoellmer@frontier.com
cc: "John Moellmer" jmoellmer@q.com

My brother and I are considering a road trip from Ogden to Sacramento next summer. The purpose of the trip will be to visit as many transcontinental railroad sites as possible. We'll visit Promontory and the museums in Ogden, Carson City and Sacramento, but we also want to visit all the fills, cuts, tunnels and trestles sites to which we can gain access. Do you know of a "tour guide" or any similar document(s) that would help us plan our trip? Please reply to both me and my brother.

—Karl Moellmer


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not sure if this will be of any value to you, but there is available very detailed documentation of the modern rail route as 1976 track diagrams. See, for example, the Southern Pacific's Sacramento Division.

12/12/2011 6:44 PM  

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