Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Grandpa Thomas Flinders

From: "Launa Herrmann" marlin@xmission.com

I have a question I do not know how to find out if this is true, or where I might find lists of people that worked on the rail.

Did they take the rail through the lake or do they mean that the rail went from Wyoming to Salt Lake?

Below you see what was written about my grandfather, now I would like to know if this is really how it worked.

Dad left for Green River, Wyoming to work with the Rail Road. He wrote he wanted her to marry her while he was still 23 years old. He worked on the Rail Road from Wyoming through the Great Salt Lake to Tooele. Carrie's father said Tom Flinders walked through the lake just for Carrie.

When it was written I am not sure it is just in the family story I would think most likely 50 plus years ago or more. Grandpa is Thomas Flinders born 17 Dec 1878 in England died 31 Jan 1947 in Salt Lake City. He married in 1901 so he must of worked like 1899 or 1900 because he didn't work the railroad after they were married. They said he walked through the lake as is written below. It seemed to me at one time a rr did go through the Great SL, would this of been what they ment that he worked on that. I'm sorry I do not know more about the rr. I would love any thing about what he did or when or where I could find more information about his life at this time.

Is there anyplace to find list of workers, what they did, etc.?

Thank you for any direction you can give me.

—Launa Herrmann


Anonymous Anonymous said...

See the 1902-1908 Harriman realignment.

12/13/2011 9:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

More about the CPRR route realignment.

12/13/2011 9:46 AM  

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