Saturday, March 10, 2012

"Arizona's first train"

"Arizona's first train" © Maricopa Monitor, March 10, 2012. (Archived Article)

"Editor’s note: This story is not current; it appeared in the Aug. 25, 1939 edition of the Casa Grande Dispatch. ...

The Southern Pacific railroad Arizona extension is now rapidly nearing Gila Bend and as soon as the date for reaching Maricopa can be definitely anticipated the time schedule for this pioneer train will be published for the information of the public but as the number of participants must be necessarily limited to the capacity of the sleeping cars, it will be advisable for any and all to make prior engagements for sleeping car accommodations. Reservations can be secured and any additional information will be cheerfully given upon receipt of communications addressed to F.H. Goodman, G.P.&T. agent Central Pacific Railroad San Francisco, March 1, 1879." [More]

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