Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Photographer Isaac Newton Boyce - Hartsdale Pet Cemetery

From: "Mary Thurston" info@animalimage.com, mary@petcem.com

I was very interested to find your website. I was wondering if you have ever come across a reference to Isaac Boyce, who for a time was official photographer to the Denver RioGrande Western line before moving to New York to become a studio photographer around the turn of the [20th] century? Library and county archives here in Westchester County contain very little information about the man, and I was told by his granddaughter that upon his death in 1936 the entire contents of his studio were thrown away.

Between 1905 and 1920 Mr. Boyce took a number of photographs of our pet cemetery, making them the largest known surviving collection of his work today.

I would appreciate hearing from you if you happen to have any further information about Mr. Boyce's time with the railroad so we might add it to our archives here. ...

—Mary Thurston, Historian, Hartsdale Pet Cemetery

Isaac Newton Boyce 1939 Obituary