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Central Pacific Railway Uniform?


Could you help me determine the age and use of this uniform. The buttons were made by C.A. Brophy of Aurora, Illinois. The coat by Nelson & Berglund (cannot find reference for this maker – most of tag is torn off). The Custom Tailors union tag indicates 1883 or later. Almost identical Custom Tailor tag found on Internet had 1916 date on makers label.

It seems the collar is most unusual. The coat has fixtures for a badge.

Purchased in Arizona thrift store, no provenance.

Is it a 1900 +/-15 years CP railroad police uniform?

Is the collar original or a later embellishment?

Looks very Navy/Marine like ... Maybe Great War era???

The collar sewing looks original but very uncomfortable ... may explain why the collar hooks are quite worn. ...

Central Pacific Railway Uniform?

Central Pacific Railway Uniform?

Central Pacific Railway Uniform?


Anonymous Anonymous said...


... I have a little additional information. I looked closer and enhanced a photo of the Custom Tailors Union label and found the Central Pacific coat I have includes a Union number of 337876 (the second seven may be incorrect). I have attached that enhanced photo of the uniform I am inquiring about. I also attached another photo of another garment label which I found online, which associates a very very similar label with a 1916 date and another manufacturer.

I also included a picture of part of the uniform in the sun which better represents the blue color. ...

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