Saturday, January 22, 2005

Re: SF&SJ and SP San Francisco Terminals

I'd like to collect info on the terminals in San Francisco used by the SF&SJ and the SP before they settled at Townsend Street.  The following article, I believe sets an end date for the period I'm exploring.
San Francisco Bulletin  July 27, 1874
The transfer of the passenger depot of the Southern Pacific from Valencia Street to the corner of Fourth and Townsend will be completed in a few weeks.
I believe the SF&SJ moved to the Valencia Street site, at the corner of Valencia and Market, about 1865 or 66 when they acquired control of the Market Street Railroad and converted it to standard gauge.  They had hoped to be able to run freight trains down Market to the industrial area at night, but were not allowed to.  Similarly, steam passenger trains were barred from Market Street.
Prior to that, I'm less clear about where the SF&SJ terminal was.  I believe the Market Street RR line (steam powered until 1866) connected with the SF&SJ line at 26th and Valencia, not far from a resort known as the Willows.  But the terminus was further on somewhere.  Where was the first depot, and was there a 2nd before Valencia Street and Market?
Kyle K. Wyatt
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