Wednesday, September 07, 2005

"Where did “Rocklin” come from? by Gary Day, Rocklin and Roseville Today

"Where did 'Rocklin' come from?" by Gary Day, © Rocklin and Roseville Today, Rocklin, CA. (News Article)
From a 12 part series on Rocklin History.

Our city’s name first appeared in print in June 1864 when "Rocklin" was listed in a Central Pacific Railroad timetable as a stop between Junction (now Roseville) and Pino (now Loomis). But how did the name, "Rocklin," originate? ... it was common practice, during construction of the transcontinental railroad for the Central Pacific to name passenger stations for locally famous people. According to the Loomis Historical Society, the town of Loomis was named for its first stationmaster. But railroad archives don’t show an 1860’s employee named "Rocklin." ... in 1860 many Irishmen in California had probably survived the Irish Potato Famine and the "coffin ships" that brought them to Boston and New York in the 1840’s. ... [More]

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