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Photographs of snow or workers working

Why do there seem to be so few photographs of snow or showing railroad workers at work?


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From: "Wendell Huffman"

There are few photos of either snow or workers working. The photographer was paid to document progress and success, not how difficult it was going to be for the investers to reap any rewards. Snow scenes with lots of locomotives pushing a bucker plow have been reproduced, but they are from later years. One image reproduced in George Abdil's Pacific Slope Railroads ... does show winter snow at Cisco [with a man in the foreground of the photo] and must date from 1867 or 1868.


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Some snow related images:

Snow Drift engraving

Snow Sheds

Snow Plow"

Houseworth 1263

Houseworth 1253

Houseworth 1253, detail


Snowplow No. 1

"Snow Bound" – Currier & Ives


Snowshed interior

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See additional comments.

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