Monday, April 02, 2007

Buffalo Hunters - Hasenzahl connection

From: "Bob Breen"

I came across the information about your great grandfather Wilhelm and while I doubt if there is any direct connection, I was wondering if you had any information about the Hasenzahl family in Germany, which might be a match.  

My great grandmother is Elizabeth Hasenzahl, who we believe was born in Frankfurt about 1854, moved to Alsheim, which we think is the actual family home and migrated to New York in 1873. She had two younger brothers, Henry Carl Hasenzahl and John Hasenzahl, who were born in Alsheim and migrated to New York in the 1880’s – both were barbers. There’s a possibility of another brother – Joseph – and a sister Catharina.  Their parents were Johan Michael Hasenzahl and Maria Catharina Dutine Hasenzahl.  

If any of this makes a connection I would be interested.  

—Bob Breen