Sunday, July 22, 2007

Photo of Erastus S. Holden

From: "Scott Tipton"

I am researching a book I am writing and am trying to locate a photograph of Erastus S. Holden. He was an officer with the Western Pacific Railroad as well as the Central Pacific as well as a few smaller California railroads.

—Scott Tipton


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From: "Chris Graves"

Erastus Sauren Holden, of Stockton, was an early emigrant to California, so there probably are three ways to find a photo of him. Both the Western Pacific and the CPRR had photographs taken of their officers. And because he was an Argonaut, he may have been in a group photo, as those early fellows often met formally for group photos. I'd bet that the California State Library, 9th and N St., 2nd Floor, would have a photo of him. The current day Stockton Public Library also has good collection of early photographs should the California State Library come up empty.


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