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2 trains stuck in Sierra

"2 trains stuck in Sierra," © Reno Gazette-Journal, 2/2/2008. (News Article)

"DONNER PASS – Nearly 400 people remained trapped Friday in two Amtrak passenger trains that were stranded in the snowy Sierra Nevada after a large snowplow fell through the tracks ... Amtrak's California Zephyr passenger trains were stranded near Donner Pass about 2 p.m. ... " [More]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The article continues:

"In January 1952 in the Sierra, the luxury passenger train City of San Francisco lay mired in tons of snow in the Sierra, stalled for three days by huge wind-blasted drifts.

The luxury streamliner train crowded with 226 passengers and crew members became mired in deep Sierra snow drifts and was trapped for three days and nights. Although all 226 people survived, two rescuers died.

The diesel fuel was exhausted after 36 hours and by Jan. 16, food and tempers had run short before skies cleared and the stranded train passengers were rescued."

2/03/2008 12:12 AM  
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From: "Sydney Mullock"

Where are the train cars of 101 located now? [The "Stranded Streamliner," SP's snowbound "City of San Francisco."] I’m wondering where the train is located now? ...

—Sydney Mullock

12/01/2017 5:37 PM  
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Also see 5 extreme snow railroading facts by Bob Lettenberger, Trains Associate Editor.

1/08/2023 9:33 PM  

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