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Brooks locomotive plans


I am attempting to build a 1908 (+ or -) Brooks 4-6-0 locomotive for the Parker Tube Float, in Parker, Arizona. It was used on the local railroads here in the early 1900's

I would like to know if you have any web sites or know where I can find detailed plans in which I can use to build the locomotive. What I have scaled out so far is one approximately 10 feet long and about 4 foot tall but I need more accurate scales and diagrams to make it as authentic as possible. I would like better pictures that what I have and would be awesome if I could get detailed spec sheets showing the actual dimensions including front, rear, side, and top views. ...

—Ted Martin, Lake Havasu City, AZ


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A number of locomotive drawings are available.

I suspect you are looking for a loco that passed thorugh the Santa Fe, and the above site probably doesn't have it. It does have erecting drawings for SP class T-31, a 4-6-0.

I'd imagine building a early 20th century 4-6-0 might run around $2 million, based on some recent much smaller and earlier locos.

—Kyle Wyatt

3/13/2008 6:22 AM  
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You probably have seen David Myrick's book Santa Fe to Phoenix which includes information on the Arizona & California RR with photos of those Brooks 4-6-0s. Since this is for a float, I assume the accuracy can be a little more relaxed than if you were building a replica. So, I'd suggest you look at the 4-6-0 drawings in Linn Westcott's, Steam Locomotives Cyclopedia – it has plenty of detail. If you don't have it in the Parker library, then maybe you can find a used copy online for under $20.

Sounds like a fun project. Good luck


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