Saturday, July 19, 2008

Railroad construction accident New York area 1904

From: "Jean Perrin"

... My husband's grandfather sailed from Southampton, England on the SS St. Paul on March 5th 1904 and landed at Ellis Island on March 13th. His name was John Perrin. On the ships manifest he was going to Hollis, New York. We believe he was going to work on the construction side of the railroad, rather than on the trains themselves. We know he was only there a matter of weeks or months and he was then killed in an accident. We the family have no other details of the accident or where he was buried. All we know that his trunk of personal effects were returned to his widow. Besides his widow he left five children (the last one, my father in law, born when he was sailing to America). He was born in Lincolnshire, England. On the manifest his age was given as 38.

I was wondering if you had any records of an accident around the New York area. ...

—Jean Perrin