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The San Francisco Herald (Double Sheet Steamer Edition), Monday December 1, 1851. [Newspaper]

A Continental Railroad.

It is gratifying to observe that our citizens are at length becoming interested in the subject of a railroad connecting California with the Atlantic States. The matter has slumbered for a long time past for the attention of the people of San Francisco has been forced by several severe reverses to confine itself to the pressing concerns of their daily business, and has been necessarily diverted from speculations and enterprises not of immediate and individual moment. The approach of the sessionof Congress, however admonishes them to aail themselves of the opportunity to press upon the notice of the Federal Government and of capitalists the great advantages the work would secure to the country at large and to prersons who might engage in its constrution. That it is to be built sooner or later there can be no doubt. The idea presents less difficulties than many other enterprises lately completed or in process of accomplishment. The vastness of the design simply consists in the length of time necessary to execute it, —not in any great natural obstacles to be overcome—and it is certain that any further delay in its commencement will be attributable to the apprehension of the difficulties it may present, rather than to their actual existence.

Its practicability, then, being beyond question, it requires but a vigorous effort to have it undertaken. The benefits tht would accue from it to California, are so obvious and so vast, that it would be wholly superfluous to dwell upon them, and our citizens cannot fail to recognize and appreciate them. They are more interested in the work than those of any other State, and it is from them the appeal must be made in its behalf. They can indeed prove that it will be almost equally beneficial not alone to the other portions of the Union, but to the General Government, by developing the resources of a country now uninhabited, and by enhancing the value of its at present worthless lands ...

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