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"The Overland Trail, From the Golden Gate to the Great Salt Lake"


I found a copy of The Overland Trail, From the Golden Gate to the Great Salt Lake in an antique shop in Virginia City. The copy I purchased is slightly different than the one you have in your museum. The remaining title, Along the Southern Pacific – American Canyon Route via Ogden, differs slightly from your copy and a few of the illustrations are different as well.

The book (scenic guide) is beautiful, but I'm not sure how it was made. "The illustrations made from photographs" look as though they were pasted in the book, almost like a scrapbook. Does this mean each book is different? How many guide books were published? Do you have any idea what year the series of guide books were published? No publishing date is listed.



Blogger CPRR Discussion Group said...

We believe that our copy was published about 1913 or shortly thereafter.

These are commercial publications to promote rail travel that were issued with several variations over the years. There was some variation of which pictures were used, whether the pictures were printed in color or monochrome, and whether the pictures were printed separately and tipped in or printed along with the text. We don't know of any source that would have a collection of every one of the variations, or that could be sure that there were not other versions.

11/17/2008 12:54 AM  
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... The book is beautiful and a real treasure. The photo (illustration) of San Francisco is slightly different than your copy, and it is the only illustration that's dated. It has a date at the bottom of 1923 – no other dates are mentioned.

Do you have any idea what the book may be worth today? The original price, printed in the front cover was $1.50.

11/17/2008 8:39 PM  

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