Tuesday, December 07, 2010

"Leland Stanford's Train Bridged The Nation"

"Leland Stanford's Train Bridged The Nation" by KEVIN HARLIN, © Investor's Business Daily, December 7, 2010. (News Article)

"... '[Stanford] risked his fortune. And he put it back into the railroad, because he believed in it. He thought it would last forever,' Norman Tutorow ... told IBD. ... Tutorow ... calls Stanford shrewd and hardworking, a man whose counsel was sought by presidents. 'He was honest. He was generous. He was trusted by Lincoln,' Tutorow said. 'Stanford was even trusted more by Democratic presidents than anyone else in his own party.' ... " [More]

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"In the immediate hours after Leland Stanford’s death in June 1893, his widow, Jane Stanford, upon the advice of the California Academy of Sciences, summoned sculptor Rupert Schmid to Palo Alto. Paying the artist the ultimate compliment, Mrs. Stanford asked him to prepare Sen. Stanford’s death mask. ... In 1900, Schmid undertook the massive assignment of creating a 233-foot-long frieze to surmount the Memorial Arch on the University campus. Acclaimed as the 'greatest memorial to his genius,' it was titled 'The Progress of Civilization.' This extraordinary work featured 150 figures, including, on horseback, both Leland and Jane Stanford, along with a locomotive of the Central Pacific Railroad. ... " The Mercury News

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