Sunday, June 26, 2011

Detailed current route map for the Donner Pass line?



I have hiked much of the route between Colfax and Truckee but have never taken the train. I’m planning to take my little son on Amtrak from Sacramento to Reno and would love to take along a detailed route map showing mileposts and tunnels for tracks 1 and 2 so we can follow our progress. We are both CPRR nuts and have hiked out to many of the tunnels and trestles and, of course, the abandoned snowsheds at Donner Pass on the old track 1. My favorite hike the in the world is just following the tracks from Norden to Yuba Pass. Great all-day hikes with a careful ear for oncoming trains at all times, of course.

I have the various railroad atlases and John Signor’s Donner Pass, etc., but I’m hoping there is a detailed and current route map available to the public.

What do you recommend?

—Brian D. Liddicoat, Watsonville, CA