Thursday, January 05, 2012

"Queen Victoria and Queen Anne leave their mark in Sonoma"

"Queen Victoria and Queen Anne leave their mark in Sonoma" by George McKale, © Sonoma Valley Sun, January 5, 2012. (Article – architecture)

" ... While on a river boat in Sacramento in 1855, Ida Pfeiffer writes in A Lady’s Journal Round the World, 'The men, one and all, showed the utmost attention and politeness to our sex. Old or young, rich or poor, well or ill-dressed, every women was treated with respect and kindness. ... '
... The architecture of the Victorian era became very popular as people were tired of simplistic residential designs and intrigued by the new highly decorative features of this period. ... A consumer economy was created by the Industrial Revolution ... The First Transcontinental Railroad ... accelerated west coast desires for Victorian era architecture. Pre-cut architectural pieces manufactured in the east were now available en masse in the west. Consumers no longer had to wait for boats to make the long journey by sea. ... " [More]

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