Friday, March 01, 2013

Signature Theater Company, New York Play about the Chinese workers on the Central Pacific Railroad

"Goings On About Town: The Theatre: The Dance and the Railroad." © The New Yorker. (Theater annoucement)

"David Henry Hwang’s 1981 one-act is a seventy-minute-long conversation between two young Chinamen working on the Central Pacific Railroad during the strike of 1867. ... Previews begin February 5, opens February 25, closes March 24 [2013] ... " [More]

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can anyone comment about whether this play presents the history of the Chinese railroad workers with accuracy or if it contains misinformation?

3/01/2013 9:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

From: "Chris Graves"

I cannot imagine how this play, memorializing a conversation that never occurred, between two fellows who never lived, toiling in obscurity on a California mountainside 145 years ago, could be considered relevant to anyone interested in the building of the CPRR. Aside from the lack of relevance to historical fact, paying money to listen to such a fantasy would be somewhat akin to counting the number of reeds in a basket that was never made nor used by emigrants from the Flowery Kingdom in the Summer of 1865, Placer County, AltaCal'a.

I would be the first to nominate the author of such a thing to the Presidency of the Sazerac Lying Club. Indeed, his claims and entire fitness for the honorable position would be conceded by common interest of the Club.

—Chris Graves, NewCastle, Cal.

3/10/2013 2:15 PM  

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