Tuesday, September 17, 2013

CPRR 1883 letter

From: "Anne Marie Ross" daringtosucceed@mac.com

I have found an old letter written on Central Pacific Railroad letterhead, dated June 20, 1883. The letter was in my great grandfathers papers.

The letterhead reads:

Central Pacific Railroad
Freight and Ticket Office

Before the date is written: Wadsworth, Nev

It is signed by 4 people. The names are tough to read, but looks like:

D. H. Seaver ?
D. C. Rumb ?
A. J. Willis
James Tomfalton ?

The letter references a W. S. Raitt.

I am trying to determine why my grandfather had the letter. If someone was a relative? Do you know if there is anyway to find names of employees from that time frame (1883). ...

—Anne Marie Ross


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My great grandfather was A. J. Willis (Asa John Willis) that you have listed.

11/26/2016 9:39 PM  

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