Tuesday, September 23, 2014

1910-1920 Route and locomotives

From: "Kirk Chandler" kirk@earth2kirk.com

I am trying to reconstruct a journey my mother and her family made about 1917-18 from Beaver County, Oklahoma to Sacramento, California.

The assumption is they went north and west to a rail line. One map shows a route that may have gone from El Moro CO to Amarillo, Texas.

Can you tell if this route existed at in 1915 and what type of locomotive might have run that route.

My grandfather got a job with South Pacific as a stationary engineer the day after arriving in Sacramento. He worked for and retired as the head of the Sacramento Northern Railroad.

Mom is 99 now and we enjoy walking down memory lane. ...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

From: "Kirk Chandler" kirk@earth2kirk.com

Thank you so much – this is a wealth of information. I actually found a short line from Beaver to Forgan OK built in 1915.

9/23/2014 8:57 PM  

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