Saturday, January 16, 2016

National History Day Questions

From: "Joshua Bush"

My name is Joshua Bush I am an 8th Grade student attending Harold Wiggs Middle School in El Paso, Texas. I am working on a National History Day project about the Transcontinental Railroad. I am inquiring if you would be able to answer some questions about my topic. I have included five questions below that I would appreciate your insight on. If you do answer do you mind if I cite you in my research?

Thank in you in advance for your assistance to my project.

—Joshua Bush

Interview questions

1. How was the transcontinental railroad an innovation in the technology of that era?

2. What do you believe were the main obstacles that was incurred in the building of the railroad?

3. Was there, if any, political opposition to the building of the railroad?

4. How did the railroad open up the country new possibilities for exchange?

5. What do you think was the most important impact to the country of the transcontinental railroad?


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Students: Also see homework and history day questions.

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