Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Yuma Arizona as railhead during WW2

From: "Vincent Lacey" vincent.lacey928@outlook.com

I am researching the history of Desert Training Center and the California-Arizona Maneuver Area. The Yuma East Yard is mentioned as a transfer point for Soldiers and a rail head for the Medical and Support personnel. The period of time would be [during World War II] from March, 1942 through March, 1944. Because of all the rail traffic I am wondering where it is or was located. There does appear to be a rail head at Blaisdell.

The Yuma Rail Head was critical to various Truck Heads for delivering supplies to the troops.

Any information on the Rail Head would be appreciated. It could answer questions not only on location but its role ...

—Vincent Lacey, Docent, Yuma Proving Ground Museum and Heritage Center