Saturday, October 28, 2023

"A Golden nugget in the middle of Nebraska"

New Golden Spike Monument: "A Golden nugget in the middle of Nebraska" by Penny Craft, © North Platte Bulletin, October 27, 2023. (News Article)

" ... A 43.23-foot [square root of the year 1869] tall golden spike [4 foot square aluminum covered with gold leaf] stopped in North Platte during a nine-city tour that began in Lexington, Ky. and continued to its destination in Utah. The monument [by artist Douwe Blumberg] arrived Oct. 23 [2023] at the Utah State Capitol. It will be on display there, but scheduled to be permanently placed in June 2024 at the Golden Spike Park at Reeder Ranch, an 8-acre plot through which the original transcontinental line ran, on the outskirts of Brigham City, Utah. ... " [More]

Also see, Video from the Golden Spike Foundation.

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