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Oakland Mayor John L. Davie 1892 conflict with CPRR

From: "John Sutton"
CC: "Garrett Sutton"

John L. Davie, who later became the longest serving mayor of Oakland, took on the Central Pacific Railroad when he built a warehouse on the waterfront there, and challenged the "fence around the city" of the railroad. It became quite a conflict, and it happened in 1892. Would you happen to have the dates in which that took place? ...

–John Sutton


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The [Oakland] Waterfront Changes Hands
John L. Davie vs. The Octopus
San Francisco Call, Volume 79, Number 47, 16 January 1896
Oakland Regains Its Waterfront
John L. Davie
John Leslie Davie

2/20/2023 9:50 AM  
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Also see,

His Honor, the Buckaroo: The Autobiography of John L. Davie.

2/20/2023 10:08 AM  
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From: "John Sutton"

In doing some of my own research this morning, I found that Oscar Lewis had the year wrong in his book "The Big Four." The Oakland waterfront wars occurred in 1892, not 1894.

5/22/1892: Archive of "The Morning Call" newspaper reported the severing of the railroad barge that the Central Pacific men were trying to bring ashore onto Davie's waterfront property occurred the evening prior, on May 21, 1892. Leland Stanford was President of the Central Pacific at the time.

–John Sutton

2/20/2023 10:34 AM  
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Since you're interested in the Oakland waterfront, you might enjoy seeing the webpage about the earlier spectacular 11,000 foot long Oakland CPRR Long Wharf.

2/20/2023 3:43 PM  
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From: "John Sutton"

Fascinating history.

In West Oakland, to this day, there are far more two-story homes than in most of East Oakland. The proximity to the lines and the ferry made West Oakland a higher rent district in the second half of the nineteenth century. ...


2/20/2023 3:45 PM  

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