Saturday, January 22, 2005

Re: SF&SJ loco questions

Looking through my files I come across several interesting things.
An article on an excursion in the San Francisco Alta-California, June 4, 1865 (GM Best transcription).
The excursion was pulled by the loco "A. H. Houston".  It notes that the SF&SJ owned 5 locos at this time, so the Booth engines had not yet been added.  They had also not yet been renamed.
SF Alta of Aug 1, 1865
Notes the "California" left the [H J Booth & Co] factory and was sent to the paint shop of the SF&SJ that morning.  It notes the "Atlantic" will under construction, along with an engine for the Sacramento Valley [later became CP #7].
The Mining & Scientific Press of Sept 2, 1865
Noted the trial trip of the "California" that morning.  Built by H J Booth & Co.
An Affidavit of Wm I. Lewis (the railroad's civil engineer) on the San Francisco & San Jose dated Feb. 9, 1866 (copy courtesy of Wendell from Calif. State Archives).  It lists the 7 locomotives and their builders, summarized as follows:
Atlantic and California - Donahue, Booth & Co of San Francisco [H J Booth & Co]
San Mateo and Camanche - Danforth, Cooke & Co. of Paterson, NJ
San Francisco, San Jose and Pacific - Norris & Son of Philadelphia
Clearly by this time the locomotive names have been changed.  Also note spelling of "Camanche" (as opposed to "Comanche").  I also note that the "San Jose", later sold to the San Francisco & North Pacific, had smaller cylinders and drivers than the other original 5 engines.
Kyle K. Wyatt
Curator of History & Technology
California State Railroad Museum

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