Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Lines "East of Sparks"

From: "Larry Mullaly" lmullaly@jeffnet.org

I found some additional information about the redesign of the Harriman lines in Oregon and Utah.

"Ashland Tidings, March 31, 1904.
The change in the office of general manager of the Southern Pacific lines in Oregon, whereby R. Koehler retired and EE Calvin becomes his successor, will go into effect tomorrow, April 1st as will be noted in the following circular which has been posted in the local [Ashland] dispatcher’s office: ‘Effective this date, all officers and employees of the lines in Oregon, north of Ashland, will report to Mr. E. E. Calvin, general manger of the Oregon Railroad & Navigation Company, at Portland. Signed J. Kruttschnitt.’ ….EE Calvin, who tomorrow assumed the general management of the O.R. & N. , including the SP lines in Oregon started in as a railroad official on the Oregon Short Line in Idaho, when it was a part of the Union Pacific system, before its segregation as an independent road."

On April 4, Calvin was reported in the Ashland Tidings as having stated:
"Mr. Koehler will retain his position as general manager of the Southern Pacific and will have the same authority as he ahs had in the past. The only difference is he will report to headquarters through my office instead of through the office at San Francisco."

Dale Darney’s quote seems to represent a second phase of the restructuring the Oregon/Idaho/Utah portion of the Harriman system. This operating unit became popularly known as the "Calvin Lines." To repeat Dale’s quote:

"SEPTEMBER 2 1905 Sparks Dispatch
Yesterday the Southern Pacific line from Sparks eastward and all the lines of the Nevada & California, formerly the C.& C. Passed under the control of the Oregon Short Line to the officials of which the employees of the roads affected by J. G. Stubbs, traffic manager of the Harriman system."

The 1905 change at some point was joined with the other lines in Oregon. A 1910 book in my possession, "Railroad Administration" by Ray Morris. This contains an organizational chart (p. 56) showing the "Oregon Short Line and Southern Pacific Lines East of Sparks 2472 miles" as under the direction of a single Vice President and General Manager (EE Calvin, I assume).