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Question: Railcars at Promontory

From: "Harold Unruh"

I have searched the internet for information regarding the Cars that were attached to the Jupiter and the #119. I am trying to create a HO train layout, using the golden spike theme. Did both trains have the same cars attached? What order was each train using to attach the cars? Did the Caboose on each train have a particular style? What about sleeper cars, passenger cars and freight cars etc. I would like to know where I could find a complete list for both locomotives, with the description of each car. If you could assist in this matter, it would greatly be appreciated. Thank you!

Harold Unruh
Henderson, NV


Blogger CPRR Discussion Group said...

The Union Pacific and the Central Pacific trains at Promontory were different, with different cars.

The Central Pacific train behind the Jupiter had two cars – a subsistence car, followed by the Director's car (also sometimes called the Commissioner's Car).

The Union Pacific train behind the #119 had four cars – a subsistence car, followed by Durant's car (sometimes referred to as Bushnell's car), then UP official sleeping car #29, followed by a Pullman Palace Hotel Car (name not yet determined).

There have been HO models produced of the two locomotives from several companies, including Balboa, PFM, and more recently I think Precision scale. There are also models of two cars for each railroad (the first two in the case of the UP), produced in brass by Gem, and in challenging plastic kits by Westwood. None are in production, so you will have to check the used markets.

Finally, the CP Director's car was later sold to the Virginia & Truckee, later converted into coach #17, and survives today at the Nevada State Railroad Museum in Carson City.

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