Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Computer Basics - Tutorial

I guess I am the world's dumbest or unluckiest - duh - I cannot get my computer to accept the address for your Nevada photos [that I received by e-mail]. ... What am I doing wrong?


Blogger CPRR Discussion Group said...

The correct address is:
the previous line should be all blue, and if so, just click on the blue.

Alternatively, go to the CPRR Museum website,
click on "Exhibits," scroll down to the "ALONG THE CPRR OLD GRADE IN NEVADA" exhibit and click.

Alternatively, search on Google for "ALONG THE CPRR OLD GRADE IN NEVADA" and click on the first item.

Alternatively, go to the CPRR Museum website, and using the search box near the top of the page, search for "ALONG THE CPRR OLD GRADE IN NEVADA" and click on the first item.

Alternatively, copy the following line:
and paste it into the address box of your browser (the browser is the program that you use to look at websites, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari) and hit return.

The problem that you are having is that someone retyped the address and substituted spaces ("%20" is the code for a space) for underline characters. Our strong advice is NEVER attempt to retype an internet address – the computer is completely unforgiving of changes, and few people can retype an internet address exactly with any reliability. Instead, always highlight and "copy" and then "paste" internet addresses when you have to duplicate them – copy and paste are commands on the "Edit" menu.

If highlight, cut, copy, and paste are foreign concepts, please ask someone familiar with computers to read this sentence and show you how to to use all of these commands. Then keep practicing all five of the above methods – with someone present to help you if any difficulty is encountered – until the ability to use all of the methods becomes second nature. If you can't get anyone to show this to you, it is also explained at:
Copy/Cut and Paste Text
Student Handbook: Copy, Cut, Paste
along with command key shortcuts for using these commands with just the keyboard instead of the menu's:
The Professor: Copy Cut & Paste

9/06/2005 2:31 PM  
Blogger CPRR Discussion Group said...

Many e-mail programs break up long internet addresses by putting a return character in the middle – if so, some of the links that you receive in an e-mail, that are too long to fit on one line, may not work and you will need to copy the long link to your browser and remove the extra return character(s) to get it to work. If you get an error message you are probably not copying the entire internet address (URL) into your browser. Make sure that you get it all, including the .jpg or .html etc. at the end, and remove any return or other extraneous characters that are breaking it up. For example, remove "%0A" (the line break character) or "%20" (the space character) from the non-working URL in your browser if it appears.

9/06/2005 2:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Never ask what sort of a computer a guy drives. If he's a Mac user, he'll tell you. If not, why embarrass him?" —Tom Clancy

12/20/2006 12:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A Macintosh in your pocket! Some comments on Apple's historic release of a Software Development Kit to allow anyone to create iPhone software:

"Today we’re witnessing history, the launching of the SDK, the creation of the third great platform—the iPhone and iPod Touch. Think about it. In your pocket, you have something that’s broadband and connected all the time. It’s personal. It knows who you are and where you are. That’s a big deal. A really big deal. It’s bigger than the personal computer." —John Doerr, KPCB

3/07/2008 11:48 AM  

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