Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Re: Question: Double Track and CTC on the CP?


My info on the second track Sacramento to Ogden and Centralized Traffic Control only goes to 1996 when UP took over.

Sacramento to Elvas        1900
Elvas to Roseville         1907
Roseville to Rocklin       1909
Rocklin to Colfax          1911 & 1912    Separate roadbeds mostly
Colfax to Blue Canon       1913
Blue Canon to Emigrant Gap 1923
Emigrant Gap to Andover    1925    Completed including Tunnel 41 at Norden
Andover to Truckee         1923
Truckee to Lawton          1913
Lawton to Sparks           1903 (some) & 1910 (most)
Sparks to Vista            1903
Perth to Oreanna           1929
Oreana to Rose Creek       1913
Weso to Alazon             1924     Date of agreement with WPRR
Alazon to Moor             1923 & 1924
Valley Pass to Montello    1923
Montello to Tecoma         1911    Separare roadbed
Tecoma to Lucin            1911    As double track
Lakeside to Tresend        1904
Saline to West Weber       1929 & 1930
West Weber to Ogden        1913

Centralized Traffic Control installations

Elvas to Roseville
Switch 9 to Shed
At East Truckee
Vista to Winnemucca
At Alazon
Moor to Pequop
Lucin to Hogup
At Promontory Point