Friday, January 06, 2006

Wood or Coal Consumption


... I'd like to know more about how much wood and coal it took to operate steam trains (and ships).
Did we ever reach a point where wood wasn't available?
How much cargo could be pulled by a steam train burning x amount of wood or coal for how many miles?

And now – what are the same figures for diesel engines?

I work for a large shipping company, so I have some idea of what it takes to run ships, but I don't know much about trains and the old steam ships.

—Alice J. Friedemann


Blogger CPRR Discussion Group said...

Some related discussions:

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1/06/2006 6:49 PM  
Blogger CPRR Discussion Group said...


Thank you!

These are great references – it would have taken me a long time to find them at the library, weeks if not months.

—Alice J. Friedemann

1/08/2006 10:33 PM  

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