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B. & M. R. R. R. Haddam, Kansas in Nebraska

From: "Nyla Stanton" stanton@neb.rr.com

I have a Brass Wax Sealer with the following "B. & M. R. R. R. Haddam Kan in Neb", (Burlington & Missouri River Railroad). I am seeking information as to why it was listed Haddam, Kan. in Neb. Did B. & M. R. R. R. ever have rails through Kansas and specifically Haddam, Kansas, or why is it stamped this way? If so, what time period might this have been?

—Nyla Stanton


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From: "Anita Childerston" cdc15ne@hotmail.com

I don't have the answer to this one.  My guess might be that because Haddam is only about 20 miles from the Nebraska border that maybe it was within a Nebraska RR district.  Tell you what though.  I do the annual Howl and Holler which is the Haddam alumni school newsletter scheduled for printing in March.  I'll include your letter and email address and perhaps one of the older alumns can answer your question.  Not that I'm that young at 71 but someone might know.  We'll give it a try.  I've had several interesting emails from persons about Haddam history and I think others might find them interesting, too.  We'll cross our finders that someone comes up with the answer.

Anita Childerston, Webmaster, Haddam, Kansas

1/03/2006 3:22 PM  
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From: "Seth Bramson"

It was the Burlington & Missouri River Railroad IN Nebraska. They did have lines in Kansas, and I suspect that the wax sealer is set up so that some words are in center, and the Haddam, KAN. may be around bottom OR in the center, but, and in any case, you'll see it when you read it as I have suggested above.

[from the R&LHS Newsgroup.]

1/05/2006 1:43 PM  
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From: WPDiven@aol.com
Subject: B&MR wax sealer

... An Official Guide from 1964 lists Haddam, Kansas, as being on the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy but indicates it doesn't appear in the timetables. Since it's barely inside Kansas southwest of Beatrice, Nebraska, I suspect it to be on an early railroad built or somehow taken over by the Burlington & Missouri River Rail Road in Nebraska, a CB&Q affiliate built ca. 1870, consolidated into the CB&Q in 1880 but surviving with its separate identity until around 1900.

The meager maps in my collection suggest Haddam might have been on the St. Joseph & Western, but that was a Union Pacific affiliate in competition with the B&MR in Neb.

A Google search for "Haddam KS" turns up lots of sites including one for the town itself. No railroad history to be found there, though. Good luck with your hunt. The sealer is a great artifact.


—Bill Diven, Placitas, NM

[from the R&LHS Newsgroup.]

1/05/2006 1:50 PM  
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From: "John Decker" jdecker@uplink.net
Subject: Haddam, Kansas on the B.& M.R.

Yes, it is entirely possible for a stamp to have this confusing text. The railroad in question was the Burlington & Missouri River R.R. in Nebraska, the last two words being part of the corporate title. The Haddam, Kansas points to the existence of a branch from Odell, Nebraska to Concordia, Kansas, with Haddam being one of the intermediate stations. All but two were in Kansas.

This 70.38-mile road was incorporated initially as the Chicago, Iowa & Kansas R.R. circa 1880, but then became the Chicago, Nebraska & Kansas R.R. in 1884, probably at the time it began receiving support from the Burlington. It was opened throughout, according to Poor's 1890 Annex, on August 25, 1884.

The Haddam, Kansas was probably centered in the stamp and was the part that changed in a stamp that was in other respects a passepartout, or a standard pattern in which only the name of the individual station was unique.

I would be very surprised if internet searches yielded anything for the Chicago, Iowa & Kansas or the Chicago, Nebraska & Kansas, but I will check it out immediately after completing this message.

—John Decker

[from the R&LHS Newsgroup.]

1/05/2006 1:57 PM  

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