Friday, February 17, 2006

Coroners jury inquest, Theo. D. Judah, Foreman

From: "Chris Graves"

Hidden for 148 years in a sealed trunk in Folsom, Calif., this document is one page of a multi-page Folsom City Court coroners jury finding.

Insofar as this is a multi-page finding, I have elected to copy only the final findings; the pages preceeding this page refer to Theodore D. Judah as Jury Foreman. Without getting too graphic, a woman's body was found in the City Limits, identified, and, following California law, a coroners inquest was held.

This document may put to rest some of the comments regarding "Crazy Judah," as the other eight members of the jury surely would not have elected Mr. Judah as Foreman had he been solely fixed on the fortunes of the Pacific Railroad.

The original document is safely under lock and key, someday some other person may wish to look at it, and wonder at the life Theodore D. Judah lived.

—G J Chris Graves, NewCastle, Cal.