Sunday, September 17, 2006

CPRR Assistant Engineer Alonzo Russell Guppy

From: "Ginny Rutledge"

I have researched Alonzo Guppy's family since they once lived in my parents farmhouse in Rochester, NH. His grandfather George bought the farm on the Salmon Falls River in 1817. I wanted to follow the lives of all the families that had lived on the farm since the original settlers in 1750, where they went and what they did. ... I have been researching with my cousin ... the originial proprietor lots were set out in 1728.

The Guppys are one of those families. Alonzo's grand-father George bought the farm in 1817 and I am fairly certain he moved (as they did then) the farmhouse and the barn where they currently sit and improved both extensively.

My cousin has told me her research supports that the earlier Guppys were sea-farers out of Portsmouth, NH.

Alonzo's father John died young and his mother Anna (Dame) Guppy moved the family to Rochester Village (and yes, his brother was George F Guppy the Civil War soldier). I followed Alonzo to CA and the Transcontinental RR.

—Ginny Rutledge


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From: "John Guppy"
Subject: Alonzo Russell Guppy

I’m a direct descendant of Alonzo too. My dad is Russell George Guppy. His dad is George Russell Guppy Jr. And his Dad is George Russell Guppy Sr. (Alonzo’s youngest child).

—John Guppy

9/06/2020 10:11 AM  

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