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Chinese first recruited

From: "Chris Graves"

... this url says that in "1864" the CPRR recruited Chinese to work on the railroad.

Odd, I thought it was after March, 1865, when Crocker told Strobridge to "go over to Auburn, and hire some Chinese." Can you help? —G J Graves


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If Chinese names start to appear on CPRR payrolls dated January and February, 1864, it does not seem implausible that recruitment could have preceded to some extent in 1864, even if larger numbers of hired workers are not documented until March, 1865.

The Shasta Courier carried this advertisement on January 2, 1865:

"The Central Pacific Railroad Company advertises for 5,000 laborers to work upon the road between Newcastle and Illinoistown [Colfax]. It is the intention of the company to employ at once as many men as can be advantageously worked on the distance between these points —— 23 miles. The iron for laying this additional amount of track is already in Sacramento and it is expected that the cars will run to Illinoistown by August next. The above opportunity affords a chance for those out of employment."

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From: "Chris Graves"

Your point well taken. That being said, CHINESE were NOT solicited as a race until March, 1865, in conflict with the statement on the site ... Seems that ad in January, 1865 was not effective, as in March, "Go over to Auburn, and hire some Chinese." ...


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This is a great article, and a great topic to explore. Thanks for sharing.

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